Telling Stories That Matter: Discover the Art of Meaningful Storytelling


4-Week, Online Course

Have you ever wondered where great stories originate? In our world, countless moving narratives of truth connection, loss, and faith often remain untold. "Telling Stories That Matter" is a four-week asynchronous course designed to unearth these hidden gems and guide you in creating stories that resonate deeply.

“Telling Stories that Matter” is a step-by-step guided exploration of creating resonating story narratives from nothing. While the module is asynchronous and can be completed on your own time, there will be discussion opportunities to connect with others and build skills for storytelling in any environment. On Wednesday July 31, 2024, there will be a two-hour virtual, synchronous session and celebration of your good work.


How it Works

  When: Starting July 8, 2024

  Duration: 4 Weeks

  Price: 995

  Credit: 1 CEU

Participants in Telling Stories That Matter will:

  •  Understand Effective Storytelling: Learn to identify key elements that make a story compelling and impactful.
  •  Explore Story Structures: Investigate and build narratives using simple, everyday objects as scaffolds.
  •  Curate and Refine Stories: Master the art of distilling a story to its essential events for maximum impact.
  •  Present with Confidence: Gain skills to confidently narrate your stories, captivating any audience.


Who Should Enroll

Seminarians seeking to deepen their narrative skills.

Pastors and lay leaders wanting to connect better with their congregations through stories.

Anyone passionate about the art of storytelling.


Michael D. Morgan Headshot

Michael D. Morgan

Michael Dean Morgan is an American stage actor and director originally from Waukesha, WI who has gone on to perform as Actor, Singer, and Puppeteer all over the country. Michael received his MFA in Acting at the Claire Trevor School of the Arts at the University of California at Irvine. He is a certified Knight-Thompson Speechwork instructor who was mentored by Dudley Knight and Phil Thompson.

Michael is currently a Professor at The University of Miami Department of Theatre Arts BFA musical theatre program and has previously been a professor and researcher at both Rowan University’s Department of Theatre and Dance and at the Princeton Theological Seminary. He is a regular guest artist and lecturer in Acting, Voice, Speech, Dialects, comedic styles, and on-camera.

Price: $995.00