Leading Change: A Workshop for Adaptive Leadership

Mastering Change Management in Rapidly Transforming Times

In an era defined by its rapid transformations, understanding change is more crucial than ever. Adaptive leadership and effective change management are not just beneficial skills; they are essential for any organization's survival and growth. This workshop is designed to equip church leaders, nonprofit directors, business managers, and any individual involved in leading change with the tools and insights needed to navigate these complex processes successfully.

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Who Should Attend

Organizational Leaders: Empowering those at the helm of change initiatives to drive positive outcomes.

Church Leaders and Pastoral Staff: Enhancing their capacity to guide congregations through transformative times.

Team Members and Volunteers: Leading change efforts within their communities or workplaces.

Change Management Professionals: Offering advanced strategies for those dedicated to facilitating change.

In this workshop, you will explore:

  •  Basics for Managing Resistance to Change: Discover strategies to address and mitigate resistance, transforming challenges into opportunities for unity and growth.
  •  Managing the Ups and Downs of Change: Learn how to navigate through the complexities of change, maintaining enthusiasm and commitment.
  •  Persuasion to Help with the Adoption of Change: Develop your ability to communicate persuasively to encourage acceptance and active participation in new directions.
  •  Building the Case for Change: Craft compelling narratives that articulate the need and vision for change, resonating with both your team and community.
  •  Understanding Stakeholders: Gain a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives within your congregation or organization and learn how to align them with your change objectives.
  • Added Benefits

  • Beyond strategic insights and approaches, participants will receive practical tips for smoothly navigating the change process, enhancing both effectiveness and impact.

How it Works

  When: October 18, 2024

Duration: 1-4 pm

Format:Virtual Synchronous

Price: $299


Marina Field

Dr. Marina Field

Dr. Field understands that the path to navigating the workplace is not always clear. That’s why she’s passionate about providing people with the tools and resources they need to enhance their skills and navigate career opportunities (or obstacles).

Whether she’s acting as a Facilitator, Career Coach, HR Consultant, or University Lecturer, supporting the development of others is always at the forefront of her mind.

She holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University. Marina has also held a series of corporate management and consulting positions in companies such as PwC, Pfizer, and the Port Authority of NY and NJ. Along with coaching and consulting she holds lecturer positions at Columbia and Northwestern Universities.

Price: $299.00