Rescuing a Ripped-Up Republic: Tips on Doing Ministry Among A Polarized People

The tasks of being and leading Christians have not been this difficult for decades. The acclaimed scholar and keen observer of American Christianity, Dr. Michael Emerson, recently wrote, “This is a level of conflict that I’ve never seen. What is different now? The conflict is over entire worldviews — politics, race, how we are to be in the world, and even what religion and faith are for.” How will the Christian community survive and thrive in such a polarized time? 

Join Rev. Dr. Allen Hilton (MDiv ’89), leader of the House United Movement, as he helps us explore what it is to be ONE, as Jesus prayed, and to lead Christians in the Divided States of America. We’ll train together for a new calling: to help this church and this nation turn around before we revisit Fort Sumter or the holy wars of Europe. Dr. Hilton will offer us new approaches to preaching, praying, pastoring, and leading in the divided congregations God has given us.

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What You'll Learn

  • An up-to-date profile of polarization’s harms
  • A place to start in crafting a pastoral strategy
  • Recognition of resources in addressing red-blue hatred


Clergy, lay leaders, faith leaders


Allen Hilton

Allen Hilton

Rev. Allen Hilton, Ph.D. is a speaker, teacher, writer, and leader who helps people connect and understand one another across lines of political and racial difference. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit House United Movement, flying or Zooming 35-40 weeks per year to churches, universities, seminaries, denominations, and corporate teams who wish to collaborate and build community across current chasms. His book, A House United: How the Church Can Save the World, is an invitation to this community-building way of doing life. After an M.Div. at Princeton Seminary (’89) and a Ph.D. at Yale, Allen served on the Bible faculties of St. Mary’s College of CA and the Yale Divinity School. He then joined the pastoral teams of large mainline churches in CT, WA, MN, AZ, and TX, where he now lives in Austin with his beloved wife Liz and their teen sons Sam and Isaac.

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